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Worship Leader/Songwriter Ed Chapman grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where his childhood and adolescence were plagued with disappointment, obstacles, abuse and adversity. And yet, he would not change a thing because it has shaped him into the man he is today and has been a catalyst in his desire to be used by God to make a difference in the life of others. His passion is to use his God-given gifts, talents and abilities to bring glory to God through his music/songwriting and leading others in authentic worship of the One, True God. Ed knows that God has been the One who has carried him through it all. He longs to reach out to a hurting, broken world, to those struggling with life (past, present or future) and let them know there is Hope. Sharing Christ and leading others to worship Him is the forefront of Ed’s ministry. It’s about worship – not performance. It’s all about Christ.

Ed is an experienced worship leader with over 13 years experience leading worship at student camps, contemporary/modern worship services, retreats and special events.  Now booking spring, summer and fall events.